August 2006

Hi everyone. We hope you’re well and enjoying the summer! Welcome to another
Pentel e-Zine.

Our topic today is the fountain pen, which - unless you already use one on a daily basis – has been rather neglected and overlooked. With that in mind we’re continuing the theme of handwriting, as opposed to using a keyboard, which we’ve raised in the last few e-Zines.

You’ve probably heard the proverb “the pen is mightier than the sword”. Imagine, then, the extent to which pens have contributed to our culture. As a pen manufacturer we are committed to maintaining this tradition by supplying quality pens with continually improving performance, regardless of the advances in computer technology. Everyone who shares our passion for writing will know that the fountain pen has, historically, played a very important part in this thinking. A reminder of the joys of using a fountain pen is explained on the following page.
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