Pentel Europe
July 2005
Pentel e-Zine
Hi everyone and welcome to the latest Pentel e-Zine!
Wherever you are, we hope you’re enjoying nice weather right now!
What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name ‘PENTEL’?
…The green-barrelled BALL PENTEL roller pen, perhaps?
…or maybe the MICRO CORRECT correction pen?
…could it be PENTEL MARKERS?
…or perhaps it’s the SIGN PEN we featured last time?
…What about HYBRID GEL PENS?
…is it our range of MECHANICAL PENCILS?
…or our fantastic, quick-drying ENERGEL liquid gel pen range?
Did anyone think about the SUPERB ballpoint pen?
Did you know that this ballpoint pen originated at our French factory and is still being manufactured there? Even after being on the market for 16 years and priced slightly higher than many other ballpoint pens it’s still one of our best-selling products. Since its launch we’ve manufactured and sold over 50,000,000 SUPERB pens!
Click here to read more about our Superb range.

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