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June 2004
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It’s another first from Pentel! We’re proud to introduce NX5, the permanent marker
with a fully retractable tip.

We think it’s unlike any marker you’ll ever have seen. For a start, there’s no cap
to worry about losing. And, thanks to its unique Click Technology, it’s really easy
to advance, retract and lock the tip. The triangular button on the side of the barrel
takes care of all this!

NX5 looks like a cross between a marker and a pen. It’s easy to use and store
in the office, warehouse or at home and the medium-sized bullet tip is great for
general marking. The xylene-free ink is low-odour and writes permanently on most surfaces including board, plastic, metal, glass and wood and when the tip is
retracted a protective shield keeps it fresh for next time you need it.

The NX5 Retractable Marker is available now throughout Europe.

Retractable Marker NX5  
Retractable Marker NX5

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