Pentel Europe -
February 2010
February 2010 Recyclogy e-Zine
Pentel Europe - Hi all and welcome to our first e-Zine of 2010!
With a new year, why not start a new challenge?

Over 18 months ago we launched our first comprehensive range of recycled
plastic filing and presentation products, along with a wide range of writing
instruments. The products within the ‘RECYCOLOGY’ range are made from at least 50%* recycled content, using fewer valuable virgin resources.

Here at Pentel we recognise the need and growing demand for environment-friendly products, which is why Recycology includes such a great range of products you can use at the office, at college or at home.
Pentel Recycology Products
The filing range includes display books and presentation files, clip files, document organisers and refill pockets – all in a range of fresh, vivid colours and different sizes. Many products in the filing range offer special features such as non-reflective refill pockets, side opening display books, ‘wing’ pocket technology for easy insertion of documents. And if you think that recycled means inferior quality, think again! Pentel has shown recycled products can be every bit as good, and maybe even better than those that use non-recycled material. So, it is possible with Recycology to get good quality products made from at least 50% recycled content.

Much like the filing products, the writing instruments are made from more than 50% recycled materials, giving the same Pentel high quality and performance. These cover the full spectrum of writing instruments including ballpoint pens, markers, fibre tips, highlighters and mechanical pencils and leads. Recycology products are also available in eraser and correction products.

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