June 2006

Hi everyone.

Now that the Easter and Spring Bank Holidays are over, summer’s on the way and the weather’s getting better. Those at work are looking forward to their holidays, while students still have to concentrate on exams or work experience. And wherever you are, you’re probably either glued to the World Cup, or trying to escape the coverage!

We’re told constantly nowadays that time is a precious commodity and should be spent wisely, not wasted. In Pentel terminology, we say that your money should be spent wisely by choosing Pentel when you want to buy pens. The art of writing is one of the fundamental skills that distinguishes humans from other species. And, even in this technology-driven age, it’s important to keep writing, as well as using the keyboard, to keep your brain active and creative.

We have two topics in this e-Zine – Pink Line Style Ballpoint Pen and EnerGel Xm Retractable.

Pink Line Style Ballpoint Pen
EnerGel Xm Retractable Pen
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EnerGel Xm Retractable Pen
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