September 2005
 Welcome to the latest Pentel e-Zine!

Hi everyone, hope you had a great summer! Welcome to another Pentel e-Zine.

In a previous newsletter we introduced our new NX5 retractable marker. As you may know, it was a sensation, because it was one of the first retractable permanent markers available on the market!

The rationale for this product was simple. Conventional permanent markers have alwayshad a cap and for some people this has been a problem. For example, we’re sure a lot of you have experienced the frustration of ink drying up when the cap has been left off a marker for too long. Often, people either forget to replace the cap or lose it and, consequently, the ink dries up. It can be a hassle, can’t it? But, up until now, most people have generally accepted this as a fact of life. The technology to resolve this age-old problem wasn’t available until Pentel introduced its revolutionary
retractable marker.

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